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Gary Lucy with wifeOne of the most popular tasks at the beginning of the year is finding a suit or tux for a wedding. Gary Anderson’s team has been dressing grooms for many years now. With almost 20 years of experience on Savile Row and nearly 60 years of experience overall in men’s tailoring, we share our experience of groom’s behaviour at this time of the year. We will give you tips on when to start looking for your outfit and explanations why some men are delaying the purchase.  

Every year the same pattern of behaviour occurs. The groom start looking for their wedding attire. Usually at the beginning of the year: January and February. This is the time we meet couples who are doing their homework.  They come early, to get ideas about what’s out there ready made or whether they should opt for more personalised look with made-to-measure. These are the lucky people that have a lot of choice.  Also, it is worth keeping in mind that after the garments are made, you should keep a couple of weeks for the alterations. Couples are particularly busy prior to the wedding with other arrangements.  

March and April is the busiest time. These months are the best to start looking to buy for late spring and summer weddings and still have time to be demanding. However, once it hits the end of April and the beginning of May, we usually meet people, who thought they had time left to decide on their wedding wear. However, after a conversation with us, we explain how the process works – they understand that time is limited and decisions have to be made.  People who visit us mid-May are still able to get away with not much pressure, but the fittings after the garments are made should be well-thought-out.  

The challenging time comes end of May when we meet guys and couples who either thought they can find any colour ready made, or were genuinely too busy to look for suits, or even perhaps just decided to get married few days ago. They still have two to three weeks time, which is a push, but a manageable one.

Gary Lucy with familyThe last stage is when someone visits and need a suit in a week before their wedding. We had quite a few cases like this throughout our experience. The situation they are in is similar to when you try to cross the street after the traffic light has stopped the count down and there is this brief moment when you can still cross the road without getting run over. In other words, yes – it is possible to make a suit in about a week and no – it is not advisable to leave it so late.  

The ultimate question is why men delay wedding wear shopping? Not all of us wear suits and some of us never. Even if we wear suits for work, there is still so many details to think about. Starting from the right shade of colour, the style, the fit. On top of this we have a shirt and tie to worry about. Finishing with the smallest details like cufflinks. However, once you step into our store, you come into our hands which have prepared hundreds of men for their weddings. We have dealt with vast range of customers starting from the modest and ending with the flamboyant. So there you go – you have no more reasons to delay, because you do not have to decide everything on your own.  

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