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We are working by appointment only.

We make arrangements to come to your preferred location.

For further assistance please call or email

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7287 6661     

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Email: info@garyanderson.com    

Bespoke shirts

Handcrafted by Italian artisans using top-quality cottons and silks, our bespoke shirts are tailored to your exact specifications. They make a definitive statement, expressing your personal style and showing a commitment to peerless quality. The exceptional attention to detail won’t go unnoticed by your friends, colleagues or the object of your affections.
We engage with you throughout the tailoring process, from designing the shirt to choosing from a wide variety of collars and cuffs. You can liven things up with colourful piping or edging, or craft a truly personal style by adding a tie, cravat or other accoutrement. There’s no better way to look your best.

Made to measure

Gary Anderson’s made-to-measure service takes you on a personalised journey unlike any other. Simplicity may be perfection, but the devil is in the details: we tailor our clothing to flatter any size and shape, saving you from ill-fitting attire.

We have painstakingly built a reputation around exceeding our customers’ expectations, striving to address their needs and pay heed to their suggestions. Whether it’s a young child, an accomplished businessman or even a magician, we help our patrons look their level best. That promise is made possible by our veteran tailors, who bring to bear their deep knowledge and honed skills every day.

Our rich range of fabrics and linings offers something to suit any taste. We do more than dress our clients to the nines though; we also offer them tailored guidance and advice. They often leave us with a better understanding of high-end tailoring as well as a polished style.

If you would like further information or a consultation, please call us to book an appointment.

About Us


As one of the first of the new generation of tailors on Savile Row, Gary Anderson opened in 1998, having been established in 1958. The aim of the company was to provide the finest men’s tailoring, with a fashion edge and attract a younger clientele to Savile Row tailoring. The formula was very successful , building a new generation of fashion conscious younger men who were discovering the quality of fit and individuality that only a fully tailored garment can offer.

During the past years Savile Row climate changed and many tailoring boutiques had to re-think the business structure. GARY ANDERSON now offers traveling tailor service where we come to customers’ preferred location. Our clients gain relaxed personalized time, unique styling advice and guaranteed one to one time.

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